Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Oaf

Oaf - n.  A big clumsy, usually slow-witted person <an oaf who bumped into everything he passed>. 

This noun caught my attention when I glanced in my  Daughter's Thesaurus tonight.  As I'm typing this, it does sound a little unordinary for me to be reading a Thesaurus, so let me explain.  Shortly before bedtime my husband and I snuck off into our attached garage.  Again, odd I know, but this seems to be the only place we can hide in our home without being interrupted by a kid!  As we were talking, I looked down and saw the book lying near the door.  As I reached to grab it, I happened to place my fingers on the first page of the letter O.  Oddly enough, Oaf is the first word starting this section.  I felt compelled to read the synonyms of this rarely used word out loud.  As I did, Bruce and I looked at each other and knew instantly we were thinking the same thing.  We have new names to call my ex-husband!  My favorite synonyms were klutz, schlepp, lumpkin, imbecile, and meathead.

This week, my Oaf of an ex-husband thought it appropriate to send me a "text message" asking for my help in expediting a picture order he had placed.  I guess he is thinking that since I took his children (that he hasn't seen in 4 years) to the photographer to take Christmas pictures, AND since I was nice enough to send his family the link to buy the pictures, I should ALSO be required to assist him with purchasing them.  Apparently there have been some delays, and the photographer is not responding fast enough for him! 

Although his random, ridiculous requests typically do not surprise me, this one was bold.    Would you ask your ex-wife for help the same week you received a letter from her attorney threatening you with a civil suite?

I installed the new Android Blacklist APP on my EVO after that most recent series of texts.  After I replied to his request with my Attorney's phone number, he called ME a joke!  And who lives with their parents at age 43?  I'm really starting to it only the alcohol that has affected his view of reality or something more? 

At least now I can go to my Blacklist APP when I am in the mood for crazy! 


  1. Yes, "oaf" is a good one, although I think "idiot" is the one I use most often for him. He didn't appreciate you or take care of you and the kids when he had you and he certainly isn't showing any maturity, appreciate, support or respect now. It's a very sad situation, but I think this blog is a great idea. I know there are going to be many challenges ahead when dealing with him, and you will need all of the support, advice and OUTLETs that you can find. You are an amazing mom. The kids will see in years to come a great example of love, courage, and strength when they look at you. ((hugs))

  2. before i comment, i always FIND out both sides to every situation for I never want to be judged on my opinions if it's only one-sided.

    did charlie sheen make you "cum" yet?

  3. I guess my previous comment will not be posted as it doesn't fit into the normal "you did everything right." Those who judge without knowing all of the facts (in any situation) will be judged when life has ended. I always try to get both sides of a situation before passing judgment on anyone. Children will seek out all information regardless of what a parent does, says, or prevents. Keeping them away from things for which we think may be unsettling only makes them want it stronger.