Friday, April 29, 2011

Yeah, It's been a ride...

I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
Now some of you might still be in that place
If you're trying to get out, just follow me

I'll get you there


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open Hands

I made a Blog in search of me
For one who struggles similarly
Were they sharing this vast space
Could I find them to embrace

In my attempt to find that match
The surface I have yet to scratch
I've found more than I ever dreamed
Family here needs help it seems

One so close, but yet so far
Bloods the way we share our scars
In my attempt to just help me
I share my stories to help thee

I've also learned about my friends
Who's for real and who's pretend
I've reached out to less than dozens
Extended only to close cousins

The most grievous part of exposing your soul
Is expecting those near to close in your hole
When you dream that a flood of advice will pour in
But find nothing except silence comes from their end

As I question the emptiness I feel inside
That I know will eventually start to subside
A wise friend confirmed my suspicions were true
When humans fear closeness, it's them that are blue.

Those who retreat when you try to reach out
Don't intend to ignore you, but you can't lie about
So with this new knowledge I must change my plans
I'll broaden my audience to more Open Hands


Friday, April 8, 2011

The Twitter Game

by @mygirlslife

I'm currently testing my Twitter Game on friends & family! I invited them to play my game on 4/1.  Either no one has time to sit down and actually read anymore or they just have Twitter Phobia!  Either way, I now feel there is a desperate need for a DUMMIES VERSION.  ;) 

The Twitter GamFor Dummies 

In the meantime....see the original GAME BELOW!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Twitter Game
By @MyGirlsLife

It’s fun & EVERYONE can play! 
If you like to "Facebook", you will absolutely LOVE The Twitter Game!!  Even If you're not an avid "Facebooker" like me, at least give it a try!  What have you got to lose? 


RULE #1:  DO NOT Make a Personal Twitter Account!  Make your Twitter Profile Your ALTER EGO!  It's time to put your thinking cap on!  You now have to decide who your Alter Ego is!!  Do you even have an Alter Ego?  I discovered mine purely by accident, so I'm very interested in hearing if it's difficult to come up with one on cue!  I think this could be the hardest part of the game for some!  Please don't think too hard though.  This game is meant to be FUN & the BEST part of Twitter is that you can change your identify (ie. Twitter Profile & Pic) at any time!  So if this first step is challenging for you, SKIP IT!  Pick your favorite cartoon character, make up a fake person, and start TWEETING!  
RULE #2:  Your Tweets and RE-Tweets MUST be REAL!  Originally I thought the aforementioned Rule was the only rule of the game.  But after writing it, I knew for certain I must add a few more.  Rule #2 is VERY important to thoroughly enjoy The Twitter GameUse your anonymity as an outlet to share with the world your inner feelings or just your random thoughts.  Who cares if nobody is reading them!  That's the BEST part of the game!  It's amazing how exhilarating it feels to put yourself "out there" with zero inhibitions.  Now I'm not saying you shouldn't sensor yourself a tad bit....there's always that chance your Alter Ego could be divulged. *insert disclaimer here!

RULE #3:  Follow People Who Make you HAPPY!  As you search the "Who to Follow" section while playing The Twitter Game, look for others that share similar interests as you.  If you are interested in reading new books, follow your favorite writer.  If you want the latest news updates, follow your favorite TV station.  Or If you just need a good laugh, follow your favorite comedian!  My favorite is Tosh.O!  I hope to get a web redemption some day!  LOL  The possibilities are endless!!  And don't be surprised that as you follow others, they will often in turn follow you.  You might discover your Alter Ego becomes more popular than you.  ;) 

RULE #4:  WHO Do You Invite To Play??  Only my friends know the true identity behind @mygirlslife, as you must be careful who you invite to play your Twitter Game!  You set yourself up to be very vulnerable by allowing others to hear your deepest thoughts and choose your followers wisely!  This rule comes with a disqualification clause.  Clause #1:  Don't EVER invite followers that you may be tempted to be too "REAL" about!  The Twitter Game is no fun if you hurt someones feelings while you play! 

RULE #5:  THIS RULE IS OPTIONAL!  Invite 6 friends to play The Twitter Game with you!  Blind CC each player the rules of the game.  But make sure they read THIS RULE!  Once everyone has begun playing the game, the fun begins!  You now have to try and figure out WHO the Alter Ego belongs to!  Rule # 5 has a disqualification clause as well!  Clause #2:  Once you think you have determined the true Alter Ego of one of your fellow Twitter gamers, send them a "Private Message" to see if you are right!  You don't want the spoil the game for other players!  Good luck!
Tips & Tricks:
*Download the Twitter APP to your Smart Phone for instant access.  
*Try Tweeting your "To Do" list for record keeping.
*Save the Twitter LINK as a favorite or on your desktop.  
*RE-Tweet articles you want to go back and read later.
*Follow Me for future Tips & Tricks.
*Have as MANY Alter Egos as you want!  I have 3 for now!  ;)

I will feel like I have WON the The Twitter Game when I no longer need my Alter Ego!  I would LOVE to know if YOU ever win the game?

In closing, I must forewarn you!  If you choose to follow me, I do not sensor my tweets!  Remember, it's my Alter Ego.  ;)  And if you start following ME as YOUR Alter Ego, please don't tell me who you are.  I want to play the game too! (Give me a signal when you follow ;) Now make up a fake Gmail account, and COME PLAY WITH ME!

p.s.  Feel free to share The Twitter Game!  
p.s.s.  What do you do when you are naughty and get disqualified?  DELETE your Alter Ego, RE-READ The Rules, and START OVER!  ;) 

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