Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Elf on the Shelf

My Girl was just giddy
For this Elf at her School
She said he's "For Real"
With a no touching rule!

I was excited to discover
She could have her own Elf
When we happened to spot one
On a bookstore shelf!!

Our Elf's name is Mario
Straight from the North Pole
Santa sent him to watch us
So be good or get coal!

Guest Post

Thanks to Melissa from the Blog Content Guilt for sharing my latest post & writing a Guest Post for my Blog!  Both My Girls celebrate their Birthday in January & I LOVE these ideas!

Great Ideas for My Little Girl’s Birthday Party

If you have a little girl, you want their birthday to be as magical and special as the day she was born. Why not celebrate in style by trying one of these birthday themes that will surely bring a big, beaming smile to your little girl’s face?

- Princess Theme

Everyone likes dressing up as a princess, from toddlers to late childhood. If your little girl loves dressing up, a princess theme could be the perfect theme for her. Hand deliver glittered invitations to all the invitees and always address them to “Princess ____” or “Duke ____” instead of using their real names. Make a banquet table that stretches for the whole length of the kitchen or patio and decorate it with glitter and fake candelabras. You can make the head of the table a throne, gilded and lifted so the birthday girl sits high. As party favors, hand out paper crowns.

- Fairy Land Theme

Turn your house into a fairyland by throwing your girl a fairy-themed birthday party! You can set up an enchanted forest by making cardboard trees, spray-painted in silver and glitter. Use your girl’s favorite colors to accent your fairyland. If she loves blue, you could hang blue streamers from the ceiling to add to the enchanted forest brush. Decorate the tables with mushrooms and rabbits. As an activity you could have a face-painter paint all the girls like fairies. The girls will have a great time playing around their enchanted forest in fairy wings. For a snake, you can serve enchanted Jello decorated with edible, colored confetti.

-  Jungle Party

If you have a little girl who loves animals, you could throw a jungle-themed party! Get different cutouts of animals or litter the house with stuffed animals. You can make your living room into a jungle with fake vines, trees, and brush. Decorate the table with moss and exotic-looking flowers. You can use animal-print napkins and plates to go with your jungle layout. For dessert, serve a chocolate cake with green icing, decorated with giraffe and monkey figurines.

Just remember, ask your daughter what kind of party she wants. If she loves Mario, go out and get some Mario birthday party supplies! Same with a zoo theme or wizard theme. Get creative and have fun and, no matter what, your daughter will have a fantastic birthday.

Thanks again to Melissa C. from Blog Content Guild for the Guest Post!