Friday, March 30, 2012

All A's!

Nicole, 5th Grade Report Card
I'm so proud of My Girl for making all A's!  She's worked so hard to get here!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Save or Not to Save?

It's very hard for me to part with pictures the kids color, paintings they give me and papers they make A's on.   I'm constantly switching out the artwork on the fridge & usually toss the old when the little one's aren't looking.  But it's especially hard for me to get rid of My Girls BIG school projects!  For some reason I feel obligated to hold on to anything made on poster board.

Since I don't have room to store numerous poster boards, I've decided to go DIGITAL!  I certainly can't take credit for this idea, but felt compared to share my new storage method.  Today I took pictures of all the BIG projects my kids have done over the years and saved them in a special file for safe keeping.  I also recommend saving ALL pictures on an external hard drive in addition to the computer.  Now I will always be able to look back and see how they have progressed!

My Girl made this poster for school last year, so I thought I'd share her positive message!