Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Daddy File

I love how children can make such great analogies on life and not even realize they are doing it.  My oldest Daughter made my heart hurt and my eyes cry for joy in one simple statement tonight.  She explained that her heart was like a filing cabinet.  The important files were at the top and then the rest were filed underneath.  I instantly pictured my computer screen in my head.

Nicole said the top files of her heart belonged to me and her birth Father for most of her life.  As she explained that the files were side by side, she held her fingers up to her heart and made two small rectangles.  She continued by saying that now the file for her birth Father had sunken deep down into her tummy.  As she said this, she moved the fingers from one hand down toward her stomach.  Although I hurt for her, I admired how strong she was being as she shared these difficult feelings.

Her final words are what made me cry.  She grined when she said that the missing file in her heart was now replaced by her new Daddy.  With great pride in her statement, she placed a new rectangle on her heart with her little fingers.

Love you honey!


  1. Awww...That brought a tear to my eye! How sweet. I really do feel sad for the girls in not having their bio father around. I KNOW that they are very smart, sweet, and loveable - well adjusted girls...and that is credited to what you have done in bringing stability and structure to their lives. Also, they are very blessed to have such a wonderful "daddy".

  2. how does one really know whether or not the other parent has not been a part of a child's life. It is a sad individual who only hears one side of any situation, bases their opinions on that subject, and then decides to pass judgment on an individual that they not knowhing about. I come from divorce and unspeakable tragedy but still remain open-minded when discussing my children's father. I do not condem him, speak ill of him or provide false information about him, as ultimately my children will seek him out regardless of what I may try to prevent. I guess you have reasons for information that is put in your blog, and if that brings you comfort then I guess that is your goal. But remember children never forget and when they are older and wiser, the blame could be turned around. Thank you for letting me write on your blog. GOD BLESS You