Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Post

Wow!  It has taken several days to think of my first post!  I knew it would come to me eventually.  Starting a Blog is something that I have thought about doing for a while now.  For some reason this month though, I keep seeing signs that I should be doing one!  I swear "Julie and Julia" is on all the time lately!  But with 3 kids and a full time job, I thought "who has time?"  I am patting myself on the back now for actually doing it.  I'll be even more impressed with myself if I keep it up!  lol 

I'm still not sure quite yet what I expect to accomplish from this Blog.  My husband has asked me that question several times now and I don't really have an answer.  I'm not sure if it is for me or for my Girls or both.  I am sure eventually I will figure it out.  In the mean time, I will just write and see what happens.  And since I would like to keep my life somewhat private, I have decided for now to change the names in my Blog to fictitious ones.

For some reason my oldest Daughter Nicole prompted me to write this evening (even though it is 10:30 and I am exhausted).  She woke up this morning with a raspy cough and sore throat, but acted like it was no big deal.  She wanted some throat lozenges and some Tylenol and said she was fine.  Looking back, I am quite sure she was minimizing her symptoms because she knew she had a soccer game this morning and did NOT want to miss it!  That's my athlete!  Nicole is only 10 by the way, but such a strong little girl!

The Tiger's won their game 5-1, but Nicole was exhausted when she got home.  Throughout the day my poor baby has just gotten worse and worse.  We watched movies all afternoon and ate chicken soup.  We watched Snow Dogs and The Last Song.  And by the way, that movie is a tear jerker!    

By the end of the night Nicole had a 102 fever.  If she had not already had a flu shot, I would think she has the flu.  I guess since everyone around us has been sick, It was bound to happen to one of us.  I guess I better pick out some more good movies to watch tomorrow so she can rest up and get better for school on Monday.