Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Need to make an appt....

I have been taking Nicole to see a family therapist for a few months now to help her with the struggles she is having with her Father. We have been going every 2 weeks since November. On our last visit we some how ended up forgetting to make our next appointment!

Today would have been our next scheduled appointment, and ironically Nicole asked me this morning when we would be going to visit Gayle (her therapist) again. I guess that means that she likes going and that it is helping her to talk to someone! That makes me so happy and confirms I am doing the right thing by taking her to a therapist! I asked Nicole why she wanted to go back today, and she said "I just want to see how I can get my Daddy to come visit me, and Gayle is helping me with that."

I don't know that Gayle will be able to solve this immediate issue of her Dad coming so see her, but at least she will be able to talk about it with someone and hopefully understand why he chooses to refuse to come visit her.

I called to today to make the appointment!

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