Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Daddy Basket!

I "Stumbled Upon" this cute little basket left over from Easter!  It is now officially designated as The Daddy Basket....

I have decided I will place all cards from the ex and his family in this cute little color coordinating storage bin until they at least acknowledge my plea's or pretend that I exist! 

Oh yeah...those are Easter cards!

Should I share this with THE EXES or just stick to sharing with the world?? 


  1. The world is a safer with the knowledge contained in the basket.

  2. why would you want to send this to your ex? not sure that i understand the need for it. moving on is the best way to recover and gain strength. To relive the past, only henders our spirtual and emotional growth

  3. Why even put your children through this? Moving forward is the best way to heal