Thursday, June 20, 2013

I miss him, Mom.

We are painting the inside of our home and are just now starting my girls' room.  I saved their room for last as I knew there would be a ton of "stuff" hidden behind their bunk bed, dresser and in the closet.  As I picked up a handful of items, a picture fell out onto the floor.  It was a picture of Reese's Dad.  Even though she doesn't remember him from when she was a baby, she has seen many pictures and recognized him instantly.  She said, "Look Mom, it's a picture of my Dad."  I confirmed and prepared for the many questions to follow.  "Will I ever get to see him again?" "Does he still look like this?"  "Does he live with his Parents still?"  "How far away does he live?"

It's funny to me the thoughts that pop into her head about a man she only knows from past conversations.  After answering her questions to the best of my ability, she ended our awkward chat with "I miss him, Mom."  What do you say to that?

We put his picture back in her Daddy Box and continued cleaning up their room.


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