Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sharing the Daddy Box

My girls received their annual Christmas cards from their Grandparents and Dad over the holidays. Their greeting cards and letters received over the years have typically been put into the one shared "Daddy Box", but for some reason these new cards prompted a separation.  Upon request, I found a second box for Reese and my girls started dividing out their cards.   

One by one they started skimming through the cards looking for their own names.  They were thrilled to find dollar bills still inside several letters and enjoyed reminiscing over old photos!  This emotional process also prompted many questions from Reese, as she hasn't seen the senders of these cards since she was a baby.  I heard things like "Is that what my Daddy looks like?", "Why doesn't he visit me?"  "Will I get to meet my Mee Maw and Paw Paw before they die?"  Can I say how much I love these difficult questions!?

The card sorting was also harder for Nicole than I anticipated. She was being very territorial of her "Daddy Box" and did NOT like her Sister digging out her own cards.  This was the first time Nicole really had to share her box by involving her Sister so intimately, and this box of letters is the only tangible thing she has from her Dad's family. She was truly scared she might lose a piece of one of her memories.

In the end, my girls agreed to evenly split the cards with no names and started off the new year with their very own "Daddy Box".

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