Friday, August 5, 2011

My Girl loses her first tooth!!

This week my youngest Daughter finally lost her FIRST baby tooth.  I say finally, as her tooth needed to come out for days (maybe even weeks~lol) and she has been too scared to let anyone touch it!  After much coercing, she built up the courage to pull it out on her own.  I would like to add, enticing her with money from the Tooth Fairy was probably my best persuasion tactic!  ;)

That same night we performed a ritual we had done many times.  We placed her tooth in the special Tooth Fairy pillow & recited the Tooth Fairy poem.  The pillow was a gift for my oldest Daughter & has always been very special to her.  I know it was difficult, but in honor of this momentous occasion, she passed the pillow down to her Sister.  She also taught her the Tooth Fairy poem & helped her when she stumbled on the words.

Love MyGirls!

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