Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open Hands

I made a Blog in search of me
For one who struggles similarly
Were they sharing this vast space
Could I find them to embrace

In my attempt to find that match
The surface I have yet to scratch
I've found more than I ever dreamed
Family here needs help it seems

One so close, but yet so far
Bloods the way we share our scars
In my attempt to just help me
I share my stories to help thee

I've also learned about my friends
Who's for real and who's pretend
I've reached out to less than dozens
Extended only to close cousins

The most grievous part of exposing your soul
Is expecting those near to close in your hole
When you dream that a flood of advice will pour in
But find nothing except silence comes from their end

As I question the emptiness I feel inside
That I know will eventually start to subside
A wise friend confirmed my suspicions were true
When humans fear closeness, it's them that are blue.

Those who retreat when you try to reach out
Don't intend to ignore you, but you can't lie about
So with this new knowledge I must change my plans
I'll broaden my audience to more Open Hands


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful poem - brought tears! One cannot control what others do, so I try to live my life with love, compassion, and honesty, which leaves it quite open and vulnerable. The negatives that come my way, I try to deal with humor when possible, but always with eventual forgiveness. I treasure and rejoice in the friends I have - each one is very special in my heart!